Welcome to our blog. We are a fun loving married couple who over the last 13 years have built an amazing friendship and family. He keeps me laughing all day, everyday and spoils me damn near rotten. We have a life full of adventures, love, laughs and smiles. And spankings, there are plenty of those too!

We are not your typical DD couple and that’s fine by us. We are partners in life and I (K) manage our home and work schedules. He (G) manages me and all that I ask of him (and that’s a full time job for sure)!

Warning – Things you will find on this blog. In our home, He uses spanking (ranging from a few quick hand swats to long intense punishments that require restraints), sexual punishments, mouth soaping and grounding/loss of privileges. At times when I feel very small, I am encouraged to be as little as I need to be. You will find I call G Dad or Daddy a lot.

If these aspects make you uncomfortable, you should move along. We practice DD in a way that works for us, but you will find no CDD references or religious guided submission happening here. I have requested this lifestyle and trust that he will do what’s best for me and us.

You can learn more about us here.

Posts of Interest

Good Morning, Now Bend Over

Nov 24, 2020

K is very willful, she needs consistent and constant guidance. Therefore she is spanked each and every morning.

Caned for Carelessness

Nov 24, 2020

K tends to daydream, but G know just how to snap her back into reality. Being sent to the shed for 15 with the cane should help keep focused on the task at hand.

Sir’s Belt means Big Trouble!

When he decides to use the belt, its clear she is in for an extremely memorable and painful lesson.